Bujar Ademi

Bujar Ademi

Windows Programmer

Using Bujar.Fiscal.dll in your project

Many programmers today in Macedonia have problems with fiscals in Macedonia. There are not really good examples or reviews about this fiscals how they work or how we can communicate with them. That’s why I started a project .net dll where I included the most possible used fiscals in Macedonia and created functions so future programmers will find easy way to start making business softwares that will communicate also with fiscals.

My .net library is called Bujar.Fiscal.dll and you can download from my portfolio page.

The first class is simple one and is most used for creating fiscal tickets. This class is called Article and contains properties: Name, VAT, Amount and Price. In all other classes (Accent, David, Duna) this Article class is used as List(Of Article) to sent this data into devices through com port.

Example of small application how to use the library.

Imports Bujar.Fiscal
Imports Bujar.Fiscal.AccentFiscal
Imports Bujar.Fiscal.DunaFiscal
Imports Bujar.Fiscal.DavidFiscal
Module Program
    Dim Accent As Accent
    Dim Duna As Duna
    Dim David As David

    Public Sub Main()
        'Example creating fiscal ticket
        'First we create List(Of Article) 
        Dim list As New List(Of Article)
        Dim a1 As New Article("Rodeo blue", VATgroup.A, 1, 55)
        Dim a2 As New Article("Sutas Ayran", VATgroup.A, 3, 50)

        list.AddRange(New Article() {a1, a2})

        'Each constructor of the classes has one parameter ComPortNumber
        'Example of each fiscals how to create fiscal ticket
        Accent = New Accent(1)
        Accent.Stavki = list

        Duna = New Duna(1)
        Duna.FiskalnaSmetka(list, DunaFiscal.Duna.PaymentType.VoGotovo)

        David = New David(1)
        David.Stavki = list

        'Example how to close the day. Because we already initialize classes there is no need to initialize again.

        'Example how to get check report for the current day.

        'Example how to get periodical report.
        Dim FromDate As DateTime
        Dim ToDate As DateTime

        Accent.PeriodicenIzvestaj(FromDate, ToDate)
        Duna.Izvestaj_Periodicen(FromDate, ToDate)
        David.PeriodicenIzvestaj(FromDate, ToDate)
    End Sub
End Module